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 Nice to have you here!


 I am Brendan And This Is Seanchaidh  welcome to my portfolio/ store/ chill zone.


 Seanchaidh means storyteller in Gaelic.


 my goal is to contribute to understanding the depths of consciousness through the arts, more specifically photography. Each photo can entice stories and reveal knowledge and information about its subject/s, even ones created by you, to cherish a moment or feeling and have a direct portal to such things.

 I have been working at this craft for a few years with immense passion,  while being guided by life and masters of art/truth/knowledge before me,  I am self taught and guided by curiosity. 


 I am able to notice and have the awareness to capture beautiful moments occurring in "everyday life" without pre existing constraints of judgement limiting the outcome. 


 I view every photo shoot as an opportunity to capture those special moments and share them with you, exclusively and/or the rest of the world to Admire for ages.


 Have a look through the site And experience the beauty aka the magic that surrounds us always.

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